The electronics industry continues to be a strong driving force behind many technological innovations—impacting such diverse areas of our lives from toothbrushes and toasters, to smartphones and automobiles.

Merchant & Gould’s professionals advise clients in the electronics industry daily regarding intellectual property issues. Our attorneys are well versed in electronics, many having degrees in related fields such as electrical engineering, computer engineering, and materials science. Prior to their respective practices in law, many of our professionals worked in industry as electrical or electronics design engineers.

The law relating to the protection and enforcement of electronics technology is continually changing in the United States, as well as in countries outside of the United States, and our professionals work collaboratively to keep up to date on these issues. For example, our Electrical and Computer Law Practice Section meets regularly to discuss changes in the law and brainstorm best practices in view of these changes.

With more than 100 professionals across the United States and a history dating back more than 100 years, our firm has experience in a vast array of different electronic technologies. Several examples include computer hardware and peripherals, telecommunications hardware, sensors, power systems, video recording components, audio recording components, medical instruments and devices, radio frequency communication technology, analog electronics, digital electronics, control systems, magnetic media, semiconductors, and fabrication technology.