Software & Information Technology


Merchant & Gould's attorneys with software experience represent the intellectual property interests of the software and computer programming industries. This group possesses extensive field experience and relevant legal knowledge relating to the full range of industries that use software engineering, such as consumer software, computer gaming, telecommunications, power systems, Internet service providers and Internet applications.

As Internet use and the adoption of industry-specific software have mushroomed, our intellectual property lawyers have increasingly been called upon to advocate for clients in fields such as finance and medicine, which are not traditionally associated with electronics and computers. At Merchant & Gould, we welcome these new challenges.

Legal Representation from a Preeminent IP Law Firm

Merchant & Gould is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the country, and we are one of the few that concentrates exclusively on intellectual property law. With a roster of more than 100 attorneys and with offices in eight U.S. cities, our law firm is well-positioned to serve the legal needs of clients ranging from individual developers to Fortune 500 companies.

We are a team of professionals who know the value of working collaboratively to find innovative solutions to our clients' challenges. The attorneys in our group who work on software engineering-related projects often collaborate with our Internet Law group.

Complete IP Services for Software Engineering Professionals

Merchant & Gould prides itself on structuring our practice in a manner that makes our legal services attractive to and attainable by individual software developers, regional businesses, and multinational corporations. We are capable of providing any type of intellectual property representation, with a particular focus on resolution of IP disputes via litigation or alternative dispute resolution. The services we provide include:

  • Advance strategy sessions for intellectual property protection
  • U.S. and international copyright and patent applications
  • Application for and protection of design patents
  • Defense and prosecution of copyright infringement or reverse engineering claims
  • Application development agreements
  • Technology transfer agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Protection of shareware and freeware applications
  • IP due diligence
  • Trade secret protection
  • Trademark and trade dress registration and protection
  • Trademark infringement litigation
  • Internet issues, including domain name registration and protection