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The Electrical and Software Practice Group at Merchant & Gould includes lawyers and staff engineers with extensive technical experience in industries that require innovations in...


The Electrical and Software Practice Group at Merchant & Gould includes lawyers and staff engineers with extensive technical experience in industries that require innovations in electrical and software engineering. Most of the lawyers and engineers handling electronics and software cases have educational backgrounds, in many cases advanced degrees, in electrical engineering, physics and/or materials science, computer software. In addition, many have industrial experience. This enables them to have an insightful understanding of issues involved in each case and effectively interact with clients, inventors and expert witnesses alike. We have represented and advised clients in a wide array of technical fields, from optical sensors for machine-vision inspection systems to organic LED displays, from transceivers for cell phone communication to semiconductor wafer manufacturing systems. We work with clients in industries such as computer hardware and peripherals, telecommunications hardware, sensors, power systems, semiconductors, video recording components, audio recording components, medical devices, and fabrication technology, consumer software, computer gaming, telecommunications, power systems, Internet service providers and Internet applications.

We have a well-informed understanding of our clients’ businesses and the IP problems they face in their industries.  Whether it is prosecution of a patent application on a laser diode, due diligence investigation on electronic modules for patient care, or litigation involving nanoscale testing instruments, we staff our cases with professionals with the right background.

As technically proficient as our attorneys are, we are, first and foremost, superior legal counselors.  Our attorneys use their technical knowledge as a means to further the end of providing our clients sound legal advice.  Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the relevant law from years of experience, constant following of development in law and frequent interactions with other Merchant & Gould attorneys.  We have extensive experience assessing risks in help our clients make prudent business decisions.

From Individual Inventors to Fortune 500 Companies

Headquartered in Minneapolis, M&G has eight offices across the United States and is able to provide superior experience at Midwestern rates. In addition, we are able provide convenient representation across the United States and in all time zones.

For over 115 years, our intellectual property lawyers have represented individual inventors, emerging regional businesses and Fortune 500 companies located in the U.S. and worldwide.

Services we provide to inventors and companies engaged in innovative electrical engineering endeavors include:

  • Intellectual property strategy development
  • Prosecution and protection of domestic and international patents
  • Prosecution and protection of design patents
  • Defense and prosecution of patent infringement claims
  • Due diligence for intellectual property projects
  • Patent validity opinions
  • Interferences, reissues and reexaminations
  • Technology transfers
  • Licensing agreements
  • Copyright registration and protection
  • Trademark and trade dress registration and protection
  • Prosecution and defense of trademark infringement claims
  • Trade secret protection
  • Alternative dispute resolutionlitigation and appeals

Virtually all of the attorneys in our Electrical and Software Group have undergraduate or advanced degrees specific to the electrical or computer arts. Collectively, our lawyers put decades of experience within each client's reach. Merchant & Gould is in the top tier of intellectual property law firms nationwide providing intellectual property services for the electrical engineering and computer hardware industries.