Paul A. Welter Award Judges

Phyllis Welter

Phyllis Welter, Paul's widow, was an active trademark practitioner for over 20 years. Once their young sons were in school, instead of utilizing her MBA in marketing and re-entering the business world, she attended William Mitchell College of Law and graduated cum laude in 1979. During her legal career, Phyllis held in-house counsel positions at Land O'Lakes, Inc., Munsingwear, Inc., and Minnetonka, Inc., each of which included the practice of trademark law. She then founded Survey Counsel Inc. in 1987 and served as a trademark survey expert in a multitude of trademark infringement cases. Phyllis is the author of the authoritative treatise Trademark Surveys, first published in 1993 by Clark, Boardman, Callaghan and annually updated by her through 1999.

John Gould

A key lawyer in the growth of Merchant & Gould, John served as its managing partner, President and Chairman of the Board from 1973 to 1988. John has over 40 years experience as a trial lawyer throughout the United States in the field of Intellectual Property law. In addition to the numerous cases he has tried as lead counsel, John has assisted in the trial of many others, and has also successfully negotiated settlement before trial in a significant number of cases. John is registered on the Rule 114 roster of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice as a mediator and arbitrator. He has served as an arbitrator and court-appointed mediator in several matters. This year, the Hennepin County Bar Association named John as the recipient of its prestigious Professionalism Award.

Ken Port

Professor Port focuses on U.S. and international trademark law and policy. He is fluent in Japanese and also conducts research and writing on a host of issues regarding law in Japan. He twice has been a Fulbright visiting scholar to Tokyo University and won the Ladas Memorial Award in 1995, which annually recognizes the best published trademark law article in the world, for the article "The Unnatural Expansion of Trademark Rights: Is a Federal Dilution Statute Necessary?" 18 Seton Hall Legislative Journal 433 (1994). William Mitchell College of Law: director of Intellectual Property Law Studies, 2003-; professor of law, 2002-; visiting professor of law, 2001-02.

Jim Voegeli

Mr. Voegeli is assistant chief intellectual property counsel for 3M, where he works almost exclusively in the area of trademarks. He started his trademark work as an examining attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the "USPTO"), where he coauthored several key USPTO publications and received an award from the American Intellectual Property Law Association for the quality of his examination work. He was promoted to staff attorney in the Office of the Assistant Commissioner for Trademarks. After moving to Minnesota in 1993 he eventually became a shareholder at two Minneapolis firms, Leonard, Street and Deinard, and later at Merchant & Gould. His practice has involved counseling major corporations, small businesses and individuals on selection, clearance, registration, use and protection of trademarks on a domestic and worldwide basis. He is a speaker at conferences, has taught at a local law school and is actively involved with various bar activities.

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