Gender Issues in Intellectual Property Disputes - Live Webcast CLE

August 26, 2015

Susan Maxwell

The Story Behind Maxwell v. J. Baker: A Case Study of Gender Issues in Intellectual Property Disputes

Susan Maxwell will describe her perspective as a successful woman inventor on the legal issues encountered throughout the life of her patent. The issues begin with the invention story, including battles over inventorship and legal rights to the invention. The story continued with tenacious efforts to license her invention and enforce her rights in an industry reluctant, to say the least, to acknowledge her or her rights. The stories continued in litigation, through depositions, settlement negotiations, mediations, and trial. Sue's stories provide the quintessential case study on the issues unique to women seeking to protect and enforce the legal rights surrounding their inventions.

Ms. Maxwell’s case study will also be discussed in the more general context of women as witnesses, litigators, and parties in the male-dominated world of patent litigation with the help of our other panelists, including Ms. Maxwell’s trial counsel, an experienced intellectual property trial attorney, and a testifying damages expert witness.

– Susan Maxwell; Inventor
– Daniel W. McDonald; Merchant & Gould
– Rachel Zimmerman; Merchant & Gould
– Fran McCloskey; Financial Advisors LLC
– Johanna Carrane; JuryScope, Inc.

Wednesday, Aug. 26
2-4 p.m. Central Time

2.0 hours MN Elimination of Bias credits