Protecting Snow Sports Innovations and Brands

Merchant & Gould at SIA Snow Show in Denver
January 29, 2016

Denver, CO

Merchant & Gould attorneys will be presenting two sessions on protecting innovation and brands at the SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Snow Show on January 29 at the Colorado Convention Center. 

Held annually for 60 years, the SIA Snow Show is the largest snow sports industry trade show and networking environment in the world. It brings the entire snow sports market together in one place to showcase the latest trends, innovations, products, and styles. The Show offers 300 events, features 1,000 brands, and draws over 18,000 attendees.

SnowSports Industries America Snow Show
Jan. 28-31, 2016
Colorado Convention Center
Denver, CO

Five Merchant & Gould attorneys--who are snow sports enthusiasts in their own right--will attend the SIA Snow Show and deliver two educational presentations: one about patents and one about trademarks.

Patents: Protect Yourself and Avoid the Slough
Friday, Jan. 29 at 10 a.m.
Sourcing Seminar Area (Booth S423)

Patents are necessary, whether working on a breathable waterproof membrane with a six-figure budget or developing a backcountry binding in your garage. Patents can protect your product--or disrupt your best business intentions. Some things to consider:

  • What relevant patent rights are owned by third parties?
  • What’s in the public domain?
  • What’s potentially patentable?

Taking time early in product development to understand the patent landscape will help you pick a safe line and keep the stoke alive longer.

Trademarks: Your Idea Is Legit and Deserves Protection
Friday, Jan. 29 at 12 p.m.
Sourcing Seminar Area (Booth S423)

Trademarks are the perfect supplement to patents—they can last forever, transfer from one product to the next, and help the consumer find you and distinguish your product from competitors. Using a name, however, without proper clearance can result in trademark infringement and unfair competition. Adopting a name that's generic or otherwise not protectable can leave you exposed to imitators with little recourse. Avoid the trademark face plant with search and registration strategies with pointers from our team.

Merchant & Gould speakers:

Joe Lee
Ryan Fletcher
Linhda Nguyen
Scott Johnston
Tom Leach