Merchant & Gould Client Tauer Machine wins the 05 New Tech Product of the Year Award

August 01, 2005

Merchant & Gould, an intellectual property and litigation law firm, announced that its client, Tauer Machine, won the 05 New Tech Product of the Year Award for the V-Twin Expo, a product Merchant & Gould worked with the company to patent.

The award winning V-Twin Expo integrates the motorcycle's oil cooler into the primary outer cover, which is especially important with today's motors. Standing in traffic with no airflow to cool the motor, one can easily melt down a $5,000-$10,000 motor. The Tauer Machine oil cooler that Merchant & Gould helped patent can reduce the oil temperature by 25-35 degrees.

Tauer Machine LLC manufactures primary drives for Harley Davidson™ and custom motorcycles and produces its own pulleys and clutches. To learn more about Tauer Machine or to view photos of the V-Twin Expo, visit