Asher F. Anderson

Technical Advisor
191 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 3800
Atlanta, GA 30303
D: 404.954.5031
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Asher F. Anderson is a Technical Advisor with Merchant & Gould. Asher assists with current patent applications to help inventors get the protection they need. His particular expertise involves translating technical jargon into something more accessible for all parties in the patent prosecution process.

A Mediator Between Worlds

A chemical engineer by training, Asher’s role is often one that of a mediator for his clients. His work and communications involve advising the patent world and the chemical engineering world, as they have different languages and work in differing ways.

With Asher’s attention to detail, communication skills and personable approach, clients gain a greater understanding of the process and what’s required of them. These same skills, when applied to the patent process, enable Asher to craft persuasive arguments that support his clients’ goals.

A Creator of Clarity

One of Asher’s greatest strengths is quickly and concisely learning in-depth topics and concepts. This skill is imperative when working with clients to clearly communicate their inventions through the patent process. His conciseness and clarity come in particular use when addressing the myriad steps in the patent prosecution process.

Asher can adeptly respond to patent examiner concerns regarding various issues such as those involving prior art. For instance, he’ll address each aspect of an examiner’s comments regarding novelty and obviousness, comparing minutiae to support a client’s patent.

It’s often the smallest of details that allow an invention to shine and stand apart. Asher’s goal is to break down each invention, describing the process and flow every step of the way. In this manner, he’s able to clearly communicate the value of a patent and help clients make the most of their inventions.

A Student of Science & Life

Asher earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His passion for science drives him to continue to expand his knowledge and technical skills, doing what he can to learn more in the areas of chemical engineering and life sciences.

When Asher isn’t working or participating with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers or Engineering World Health, he’s studying Spanish or planning his next travels. So far he’s visited Spain, Turkey and Nepal, among others. Asher is also an avid swimmer and loves to cook.

No matter where he spends his time, Asher applies himself fully. His commitment and dedication come shining through at home and work. He’s always striving to new heights and seeking greater rewards for those he serves.


Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Concentration in Biotechnology

Representative Experience

Asher Anderson worked at Dr. Gabe Kwong's Laboratory for Synthetic Immunity, where he assisted in the development of cancer therapies and treatments, a dynamic plasma model for prostate cancer biomarkers, and furthered his knowledge in immunology.


Previously a teaching assistant for thermodynamics (~1 year) and process controls and dynamics (~5 months) at Georgia Tech.

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