Ericka R. Brundage

Legal Assistant Support Manager
She / Her / Hers
Washington, D.C. area
1900 Duke Street, Suite 600
Alexandria, VA 22314
D: 404.954.5084

Ericka Brundage is Merchant & Gould’s Legal Assistant Support Manager. Using her leadership skills and commitment to collaboration, Ericka supports our patent prosecution assistants, ensuring they have what they need to do the same for our attorneys.

Dedicated Legal Support Manager

In her day-to-day, Ericka ensures procedures and processes are consistent, assistants feel supported and workflows are moving smoothly throughout the firm. She sees her main responsibility as keeping business moving forward.

Ericka knows that time is of the essence when it comes to the filing, drafting and prosecuting of patents. Ericka is dedicated, keeping the ball rolling by boosting staff morale, helping client teams stay on task, and being a listening ear when support staff have questions or concerns.

Experienced in Legal Support

Ericka began supporting attorneys in 2009 as an Administrative Assistant, documenting in-house workflows, launching firm projects and reporting patent prosecution matter updates. 

Additionally, Ericka worked as an IP Client Coordinator at a multi-national general practice firm, managing patent prosecution for a Fortune 100 company’s portfolio and conducting regular client management meetings. It was also her responsibility to oversee a multi-million dollar US retainer and ensure billing and collections compliance across practice groups. 

Ericka supported another busy IP firm as an Intellectual Property Legal and Marketing Assistant. Her responsibilities included preparing and filing patent applications and prosecution documents. She also assisted in event planning.

Ericka’s breadth of support experience enables her to go above and beyond on behalf of our firm, ensuring both our staff and clients have the support they need for success.

Ericka holds a Bachelor of Science in History of Technology and Society from Georgia Tech where she was a member of the Honors program.

A Skilled Collaborator, Passionate About Inclusivity

In Ericka’s mind, team collaboration is the key to success. She’s also passionate about inclusivity in the workplace. She places importance on understanding multiple groups and working with people from all walks of life.

According to Ericka, “everyone brings something unique to the table.” So she uses her experience to encourage others to see and use their unique strengths. By doing so, she believes she can empower people to do their jobs better.

In her spare time, Ericka enjoys all things sports, including playing, watching and researching them. And as a history and sociology major, she enjoys American history and loves a good documentary.

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