Robert  K.  Lyksett

Drafting Manager
He / Him / His
150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
D: 612.336.4741

Robert is the Drafting Manager for Merchant & Gould’s nationwide offices. As a patent draftsman, Robert assists inventors and businesses with communicating their inventions and products via illustration as they move forward in the patent process.

Successful Patent Illustrator With a Background in Medical Device Illustration

Robert realized his passion for art and science early on in his career, starting out by creating 3D surgical models for medical students at the University of Minnesota. He then went on to pursue his master’s degree in Medical Device Innovation from the U of M.

With this distinctive credential in hand, Robert began working as an independent patent illustrator who focused on medical devices. For the past eight years, Robert has successfully illustrated a number of patents for novel inventions and products within the medical niche and beyond.

Visually Communicating Innovation

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office requires patent applicants to submit drawings of their inventions when such drawings are necessary to understand how an invention works. Robert works alongside attorneys and agents to create the graphics that accompany patent applications, explaining each new invention or idea in a visual way.

A visual thinker himself, Robert understands the importance of illustration when communicating complex subjects. He also understands how to create illustrations that meet the Patent Office’s stringent application requirements.

Ensuring Invention Accuracy

Robert’s approach to illustration includes an in-depth examination of the invention, ensuring he understands the product or idea before he begins. Due to his experience in technical patent illustration, he knows how to home in on the unique specificities of each item. His approach ensures illustrations are delivered in a timely manner with the utmost accuracy.

Robert enjoys using his drafting skills to help support the visual, verbal and pattern thinkers on the Merchant & Gould team, allowing them to better serve their clients. The combination of their writing and knowledge with Robert’s graphics continually results in solid patent work.

In his spare time, you’ll find him completing home improvement projects, hiking with his wife and dogs, and drawing.

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