Shannon M. Maney

Litigation Paralegal
1801 California Street, Suite 3300
Denver, CO 80202
D: 303.357.1246

Shannon Maney is a Litigation Paralegal at Merchant and Gould. Shannon’s primary responsibilities are to ensure proper documentation and filing for IP litigation cases in state and federal courts. She plays a key role in helping our clients who must pursue intellectual property litigation within the US.

Committed to Providing Legal Support & Assistance

Each day, Shannon is focused on keeping things moving forward in litigation cases. She ensures deadlines are met on time and that documentation is properly produced and filed. She sees her main responsibility as keeping things organized and on track.

Shannon works closely with the litigation team to analyze information and verify details. Her rigorous eye for detail and quick response time keep things running smoothly. Shannon is highly dedicated to supporting client teams and gives each task her full attention.

As a result of her support, our attorneys are able to best serve our clients in court, ensuring the continued protection of their critical IP.

Accomplished in Litigation & Collaboration

Shannon has been assisting legal teams since 2014. Right out of college, she received the opportunity to work at a law firm and immediately fell in love with her career. 

After gaining experience as an Administrative Assistant and File Clerk, Shannon was promoted to Legal Assistant and Paralegal in Pre-Litigation and Litigation.

Throughout her vast experience, Shannon has supported cases concerning estate and probate matters, personal injury, medical and malpractice, intellectual property, and general litigation. She has prepped and worked in multiple court systems, including probate court, small claims court, state court and the federal court system.

Shannon is thrilled to be a part of the Merchant and Gould team, where she’s encouraged to learn and grow each day. The collaborative work environment and opportunities for advancement allow her to thrive as a professional. In return, Shannon offers diligent, detailed support to her firm, often going above and beyond the call of duty. By carrying out her duties with enthusiasm and dedication, she empowers her colleagues and makes their jobs easier.

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the College of Charleston. She also earned a Certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of South Carolina.

Shannon was born and raised in South Carolina before moving to Colorado. Here she has embraced the outdoor lifestyle and enjoys paddle boarding, mountain hiking and camping. She also has a playful labrador named Finn who often joins her on her adventures. 

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