Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not every dispute should go to litigation. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) often saves significant amounts of time and expense while producing equally or even more satisfying results and solutions. Methods of ADR include arbitration, mediation, court-supervised settlement conferences, mini trial and summary jury trial, and early neutral evaluation.

M&G contested case experience extends to arbitration and mediation. Certain commercial disputes are best addressed by confidential arbitration. The consensual nature of the process allows for savings with regard to the amount of discovery, length of hearing and the amount of written submissions. Our experience is that identification of the appropriate “neutral” is important to the satisfaction of the parties with the arbitration process. Our experience in patent litigation strategy allows us to carefully identify the “neutral” with the relevant technical and legal experience. M&G is also effective at representing clients in mediation. Early stage mediation can either resolve the case or at least narrow the issues. By gaining an early understanding of complex case issues in assessing the desirability of alternative dispute resolution, we counsel clients on strategic cost effective settlement approaches.

Merchant & Gould Offers a Range of ADR Services

When it comes to alternative dispute resolution, our attorneys can be hired by the parties to a dispute, be referred by a court, or counsel those seeking alternative approaches to litigation. We can host a mediation or arbitration in our office, or can come to your location as appropriate. We have direct experience in courts and jurisdictions nationwide and many years of successful resolutions to draw from. Our experience ranges from mediation of copyright infringement claims to arbitration of complex patent violation claims.

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