Industrial Chemistry

Merchant & Gould provides intellectual property services to the chemical industries in the United States and around the globe. The clients with whom we work create innovations related to adhesives, alternative energies, polymers, specialty chemicals, chemical manufacturing processes and chemical engineering, sanitizing products, lubricants, pesticides, detergents, food and agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, environmental remediation, water processing and treatment, petroleum products and processes, coatings, cosmetics, and colors and dyes.

Our many chemical clients appreciate the depth and breadth of our legal and technical knowledge. We actively partner with our clients to understand, build, and implement technology and intellectual property driven strategies that add bottom-line business value. The intellectual property services we provide to our chemical industry clients include:

  • Strategic planning for intellectual property protection
  • Domestic and international patent preparation and procurement
  • Due diligence
  • Product clearance
  • Patent validity and infringement opinions
  • Patent valuation
  • Licensing and development agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Patent, trade secret, and unfair competition litigation and appeals
  • Alternative dispute resolution for intellectual property disputes

Intellectual Property Attorneys With Advanced Degrees

In most cases, the attorneys with experience in the chemical and biotechnology industries possess an undergraduate degree, advanced degree or doctorate in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or a closely related field. In addition, many have substantial real-world industry experience developed prior to becoming intellectual property lawyers. Others have acquired knowledge in particular areas through years of representing entrepreneurs and businesses in these matters. As a result, clients can expect nothing less than comprehensive, well-considered guidance and break-through thinking — no matter what challenges or new endeavors the future brings.

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