Media & Entertainment

The Copyright and Entertainment Practice Group at Merchant & Gould includes attorneys who specialize in copyright matters as well as attorneys who focus on entertainment litigation and other matters relating to intellectual property protection in the context of the entertainment industry.

Intellectual property protection plays a fundamental role in the arts, culture and education. Merchant & Gould is proud to serve the needs of clients such as artists, musicians, recording companies, publishers, writers, theaters, sociologists, psychologists, and software and video game developers. 

A Full Complement of Entertainment Law Services

Our attorneys represent clients throughout the United States and internationally, providing copyright and entertainment-related legal services that include:

  • Complimentary litigation alerts
  • Copyright registration
  • Copyright protection via infringement monitoring and litigation
  • Software copyright issues
  • Licensing and transfer of rights
  • Copyright protection for educational programs
  • Copyright agreements and contract review
  • Rights of publicity
  • Royalty contracts
  • Music contracts
  • Publishing contracts
  • Negotiation of endorsement contracts
  • Web site issues, domain name registration and domain name protection
  • Internet issues and e-commerce
  • Trademark searching and prosecution
  • Alternative dispute resolution for entertainment law conflicts

 Entertainment Law Attorneys at the Forefront of Their Field

Lawyers from our Copyright and Entertainment Practice Group strive to stay at the forefront of new trends and legal developments so we can better meet of our clients' needs with innovative solutions and current knowledge of best practices. Our entertainment law attorneys write and lecture on various legal topics, give informational and how-to workshops, lead copyright and entertainment law bar association sections, volunteer for arts and cultural organizations, and provide pro bono counseling services.

Above all, we recognize the value that copyright has in continuing to promote creativity among businesses and individuals working in the arts, entertainment, cultural and education fields. We also recognize the challenges that today's global economy and the Internet pose to copyright protection.

We welcome those challenges and are ready to meet them with you wherever they arise.