Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports IP Attorneys

At Merchant & Gould, we are devoted to protecting the intellectual property of our clients. Within our Shooting Sports Group, we work closely with industry manufacturers to strategically obtain and protect patents and other IP rights, often with an eye toward offering their IP-protected products to military agencies. 

Patented, Copyrighted & Trademarked Products

We protect the IP of a variety of products in the shooting sports industry, including firearms, components and accessories such as:

  • Ammunition
  • Ballistic armor
  • Combat apparel
  • Muzzle brakes
  • Optical and electro-optical devices
  • Scope mounts
  • Sound suppressors  and flash hiders
  • Triggers

Experienced IP Attorneys & Shooting Sports Enthusiasts

Our Shooting Sports Group includes attorneys who are highly knowledgeable of and enthusiastic about firearms and the industry itself. Many of our IP attorneys have advanced degrees and relevant in-house and/or extensive industry experience.

Moreover, members of the group bring a true passion for the firearms industry. Outside the office, several of us attend firearm training classes and have concealed carry permits in their respective states. Others enjoy recreational shooting and many are avid hunters.

Our special combination of experience and enthusiasm make us particularly well-suited to handle intellectual property issues in the firearms industry.

Strategically Representing Clients Through All IP Matters

At Merchant & Gould, we emphasize lasting success for our clients. To that end, our shooting sports IP attorneys build strong relationships with our clients and others in the industry, crafting key strategies that maximize the financial benefits of our clients’ IP while staying true to their long-term goals.

Specifically, our attorneys:

  • Counsel clients, offering advice on a range of items such as license agreements and joint development ventures
  • Provide legal opinions on validity and infringement issues, among others
  • Draft applications to speed up the acceptance process and withstand later challenge
  • Prosecute patent, trademark and copyright matters
  • Enforce IP against third parties
  • Defend clients against infringement claims and other IP disputes
  • Facilitate swift dispute resolution, including litigation, mediation and settlement negotiation

What’s Your Shooting Sports IP Strategy?

From military-grade weapons to small firearms, Merchant & Gould’s nationally recognized IP attorneys can provide your company or agency with the industry knowledge and technical know-how required to strategically protect your IP. If your strategy is unclear, or if you do not have a strategy that looks to your current needs and future goals, contact us.

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