Sports & Fitness

It is fair to say that the professionals in Merchant & Gould’s Sports and Fitness Industry Group are more than a little obsessed with sports and fitness.  Not only do we provide world class intellectual property representation to numerous companies in the sports and fitness industry--working to safeguard and enforce our client’s intellectual property rights--we also live our lives immersed in sports and fitness.  Our professionals enjoy a wide array of activities including running, triathlon, rowing, body building / strength training, cycling, tennis, and golf to name a few, not to mention more than a few of us who are avid fans of a variety of sporting events. 

Merchant & Gould represents companies in the Sports and Fitness industry across the nation. We use the tools of the intellectual property system (patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets) to obtain strong protection for our clients products, and have a well-respected team of litigators to back up those rights should litigation be required.  Our clients develop technologies and manufacture various products such as: golf equipment, snowboards, treadmills, climbing walls, fitness equipment, zip lines, bikes, recreational vehicles, and apparel, among others.

Due to our passion for sports and fitness, we follow the blogs, read the magazines, and attend industry events and conferences, keeping current on industry developments as they occur and assisting our clients in protecting their market edge. We understand the fast pace of this industry and are tracking innovation and advancements on a daily basis.


Primary contacts: Ben Tramm and Tom Johnson