Veterinary Products

Merchant & Gould's Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Products Practice Group possesses extensive experience and relevant legal knowledge relating to generic pharmaceutical entry in to this emerging field of commerce.  Because generic pharmaceutical manufacturers can challenge the brand manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals, Merchant & Gould can play a key role for its generic clients in this arena.  Merchant & Gould has a long-standing and active practice serving the global generic pharmaceutical industry, and this same experience and depth of knowledge can be applied to products directed to veterinary use.  By collaborating with generic industry clients from the very beginning stages of product development, we are skilled at evaluating patents listed for a given product within the FDA’s Green Book for non-infringement and/or invalidity positions.  In addition, we are able to assist client with the strategic selection of products to pursue.

As a powerhouse intellectual property law firm with an illustrious history and an innovative culture, we have ample resources to effectively assist any size veterinary pharmaceuticals company with the development and protection of products, as well as any litigation involved with challenging brand manufacturers.

Merchant & Gould’s Generic Veterinary Pharmaceutical Group also has experience in identifying and clearing any potential intellectual property issues faced by approved pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturers supplying veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturers with respect to issues regarding process and composition of matter.

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