Stories of Innovation: The Impacts of COVID-19 on Intellectual Property

September 17, 2020

Please join LCLD Alumni and current program participants from Merchant & Gould in a panel discussion about how businesses can be prepared for sudden changes in the market and capitalize on their innovations.

Topics of discussion include:

1. How Covid-19 caused a rush to file and/or update patent applications for technology relevant to the outbreak and how having procedures in place for managing IP could help companies move quickly in response to changes in market demand.

2. Federally funded research, “march-in” rights, and compulsory licenses in the time of medical crisis.

3. How litigation has increased during the pandemic and how to respond to demands for intensified timelines and immediate results.



John Winemiller – Partner, Office Managing Partner-Knoxville, Merchant & Gould, P.C., 2018 Fellow

Loretta Freeman – Partner, Merchant & Gould, P.C., 2018 Pathfinder

Laura Hupp - Associate, Merchant & Gould, P.C., 2019 Pathfinder

Heather Kliebenstein – Partner, Litigation Chair, Merchant & Gould P.C., 2020 Fellow

Luciano Ricondo – Associate, Merchant & Gould, P.C., 2020 Pathfinder


This event is sponsored by the LCLD Alumni and Merchant and Gould, PC.