Law Week Colorado Recognizes Denver Office Legal Administrative Assistant as “Outstanding Legal Professional”

Monday, July 27, 2020

Merchant & Gould is pleased to announce that Julie Borrego was recognized by Law Week Colorado as an “Outstanding Legal Professional” for going above and beyond in her hard work as a legal administrative assistant in our Denver office.  Each year, Law Week selects a few paralegals, legal assistants, and other staff members for their commitment and dedication to their firm and the legal industry. 

“Julie is always willing to help every single person in the office.  Her core responsibilities are limitless,” said the Merchant & Gould attorneys who nominated Julie.  “If anyone ever needs anything, Julie is always there. She is reliable and shines with her eagerness, making each attorney and staff member feel like their project is the number-one priority.”

In addition to supporting her attorneys, Julie is willing to take on tasks to continually support her colleagues. From dispersing mail, connecting with vendors, being available to assist with litigation matters, and always knowing where to find essentials in a busy and sometimes chaotic office, Julie ensures everything continues to operate seamlessly.

Julie is professional and is universally respected. Being with the firm for almost 10 years, she is a leader among the staff and often helps onboard other employees as well. Julie is known as the “problem solver,” jumping to fix a problem or put out a fire before it escalates further.

Julie is also the “cheerleader” for Merchant & Gould’s involvement with AMP the Cause. For example, she coordinates the annual Community Day event, when the entire office participates as a team to help with facility-improvement projects for nonprofits in the Greater Denver Area. She gets everyone involved and ensures attorneys and staff members know the importance of their roles. Julie inspires others with her passion and affection for helping others.

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