Julie A Wolfe

Intellectual Property Paralegal
1801 California Street, Suite 3300
Denver, CO 80202
D: 303.357.1252

Julie Wolfe is an Intellectual Property Paralegal at Merchant and Gould where she currently focuses on trademark matters and assisting attorneys in serving domestic and foreign clients. Specializing in client communication and portfolio maintenance, her work is critical to ensuring a smooth trademark process. 

An Expert at Project Management

Serving both US and international clients, Julie’s overall goal is to help them pursue a trademark for their innovations. Each day, Julie skillfully manages the many details involved in trademark operations and works diligently to keep clients informed. Her wide range of duties includes:

  • Maintaining US and international trademark portfolios
  • Drafting communications with clients and foreign associates
  • Managing assignment recordations for US and foreign companies

Time management and attention to detail are essential to Julie’s role. She diligently tracks deadlines to ensure all relevant information is gathered and applications are filed on time. On any given day, she may conduct research, update databases and handle correspondence between attorneys and clients. Julie’s vigilant approach makes her an invaluable team player.

Dedicated to Building Positive Client Relationships

Julie’s ultimate goal is to help every client succeed and prosper. Obtaining a trademark can be complex. That’s why Julie helps clients make sense of the process. 

She translates trademark terminology and helps clients determine what information is needed on their part, ensuring that their filings are on track. She also presents clients with attorney research to keep them fully informed about their trademarks.

Communication is at the heart of Julie’s role. She focuses on building a rapport with clients by providing timely and consistent communication, including status updates for their trademark applications. From asking pertinent questions to providing timely answers, Julie becomes a reliable touchpoint for each client. The high point of Julie’s role is seeing clients achieve a registered trademark. 

A Wealth of Paralegal Experience

Julie has been a paralegal for over 20 years, and she has almost a decade of experience in patent and trademark work. Passionate about the law, she earned her Bachelor’s in Political Science at Valdosta State University in Georgia.

Although she considered becoming an attorney, she found her calling after attending the Denver Career College and earning her ABA-Approved Paralegal Certificate. Julie also went on to complete each of the specialized Patent and Trademark courses offered online by IPLegalEd.

Julie has served many different industries as a paralegal, but she’s particularly enthusiastic about intellectual property. She loves experiencing the wide variety of trademarks that exist and is constantly fascinated by clients’ creativity.

From seeing their design logos to how they rebrand their businesses, Julie enjoys supporting every step of their ventures.

In her spare time, Julie loves to be with her family and friends, often taking advantage of Colorado’s stunning natural surroundings. She also stays active in her community as a co-chair of the Paralegal Section of the Boulder County Bar Association. 

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