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Rhett Sexton is a Patent Prosecution Attorney at Merchant & Gould. Rhett specializes in protecting the valuable ideas of inventors in the mechanical and electrical software industries. Rhett helps clients protect their inventions by putting together a precise plan that aligns with their long-term objectives.

Supporting Clients Through Efficient Processes 

Efficiency is at the forefront of Rhett’s process. With the best interest of the client in mind, Rhett works to provide each inventor with trustworthy recommendations and clear communication in a timely manner. He uses his analytical skills and legal knowledge to help clients decide what’s worth pursuing and to streamline an effective patent protection process.

Strategic Planning for the Long-Term

In the world of patent protection, equilibrium is required between broad and specific language. This helps clients obtain enough coverage for their technologies and prevents competitors from designing around the gaps in their patents.

To create a strong patent strategy, Rhett first takes the time to fully understand a client’s invention. To ensure their technologies are accurately described, he learns the intricate details and functions of each idea. He also conducts extensive research on the industry’s landscape to determine what’s patentable. 

Rhett’s able to simultaneously focus on particular areas in a client’s technology while keeping his eye on the big picture. Rhett helps clients determine which specific features to highlight in their patents. He then strategizes courses of action that will help clients achieve their ultimate goal of securing the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Dedicated to Quality Service

Rhett knows how vital it is to provide clients with trusted counsel. He makes sure he interacts with empathy and understanding toward his clients and fully understands their goals. He also focuses on informing clients accurately so they aren’t confused by the complex legal process.

Each client’s situation is unique, with different needs and goals. Rhett considers each aspect of their situation to formulate a customized strategy. This individualized approach helps him provide clients with cost-effective solutions to protect their futures.

From Electrical Engineer to Patent Attorney

Rhett attended the University of TN, Knoxville where he earned his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. Notably, he was in both the Chancellor’s Honors Program and Engineering Honors Program. 

Since his first year of higher education, Rhett knew he wanted to become an attorney. He went on to earn his Juris Doctor at the University of TN Law School in Knoxville, where he graduated cum laude and with Honors in Civil Procedure II, Patent Law and Copyright Law.

Before becoming an attorney at Merchant and Gould, Rhett served as a Law Clerk at the firm. During this time, he honed his skills in writing patent applications, patent amendments, non-infringement arguments and IP legal issue articles. He also supported the legal team by conducting research and attending patent examiner reviews. 

Patent prosecution provides the perfect marriage between Rhett’s engineering and legal passions. Always enthusiastic about engineering, computers and software, he immensely enjoys digging into clients’ inventions and learning about their innovative ideas. His scientific background and critical thinking skills allow him to see all aspects of a client’s technology and understand its intricacies. 

A native of Tennessee, Rhett enjoys hiking in his home state’s beautiful mountains with his wife and two dogs. He also loves road biking, attending football games and boating on the lake.


The University of Tennessee College of Law

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
B.S., Electrical Engineering
Chancellor’s Honors Program, Engineering Honors Program