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Heather B. Kroona, Ph.D.

Patent Agent

Heather  B. Kroona, Ph.D. photo
  • University of Michigan, Postdoctoral Fellow, Medicinal Chemistry, 1992
  • University of Minnesota, Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry, 1991
  • University of Wisconsin - River Falls, B.S. Chemistry, 1985
  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 2006

American Chemical Society
American Intellectual Property Law Association (affiliate member)


Wieczorek, M.; Gyorkos, A.; Ettinger, A.; Ross, S.E.; Kroona, H.; Burgos-Lepley, C.E.; Bratton, L.D.; Drennan, T.S.; Gernert, D.L.; Von Burg, G.; Pilkington, C.G.; Cheronis, J.C. Biochemical Characterization of alpha-Ketooxadiazole Inhibitors of Elastases, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics 1999, 367, 193-201.

Coeschott, C.; Ohnemus, C.; Pilyavskaya, A.; Ross, S.; Wieczorek, M.; Kroona, H.; Leimer, A.H.; Cheronis, J. Converting enzyme-independent release of tumor necrosis factor alpha and IL-1beta from a stimulated human monocytic cell line in the presence of activated neutrophils or purified proteinase 3 Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 1999, 96, 6261-6266.

Goodfellow, V.S.; Kroona, H.B.; Whalley, E.T.; Wincott, F.E.; Zummach, D.A. Bradykinin Antagonists with Extended Hydrophobic Sidechains, U.S. Patent 5,750,506 May 12, 1998.

Leimer, A.H.; Kroona, H.B.; Blodgett, J.K.; Whalley, E.T.; Ross, S.E.; Burkard, M.R.; Zuzack, J.S.; Gernert, D.L.; Dyckes, D.F. In-vitro Studies of a Bradykinin B1/B2 Antagonist linked to a Human Neutrophil Elastase Inhibitor Can. J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 1997, 75 (6), 633-8.

Mosberg, H.I., Lomize, A.L.; Wang, C., Kroona, H.; Heyl, D.L.; Sobczyk-Kojiro, K.; Ma, W.; Porreca, F. Development of a Model for the delta Opioid Receptor Pharmacophore. 1. Conformationally Restricted Tyr1 Replacements in the Cyclic delta Receptor Selective Tetrapeptide Tyr-c[D-Cys-Phe-D-Pen]-OH (JOM-13). J. Med. Chem. 1994, 37, 4371.

Mosberg, H.I.; Kroona, H.B.; Omnass, J.R.; Sobczyk-Kojiro, K.; Bush, P.; Mousigian, C. Cyclic deltorphin analogs with high delta opioid receptor affinity and selectivity Abstract P412, 13th American Peptide Symposium, June 20-25, 1993.

Mosberg, H.I.; Kroona, H.B. Incorporation of a Novel Restricted Tyrosine Analog into a Cyclic, delta Opioid Receptor Selective Tetrapeptide (JOM-13) Enhances delta Receptor Binding Affinity and Selectivity J. Med. Chem., 1992, 35, 4498.

Peterson, N.L.; Kroona, H.B.; Johnson, R.L.; Koerner, J.F. Activity of the Conformationally Rigid 2-Amino-4-phosphonobutanoic acid (AP4) analog (R,S)-1-amino-3-(phosphonomethylene)cyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid (Cyclobutylene AP-5) on Evoked Responses in the Perforant Path of the Rat Hippocampus, Brain Research 1992, 571, 162.

Kroona, H.B.; Peterson, N.L.; Koerner, J.F.; Johnson, R.L. Synthesis of the 2-amino-4-phosphonobutanoic Acid (AP4) analogues E- and Z- 2-amino-2,3-methano-4-phosphonobutanoic acid and their Evaluation as Inhibitors of Hippocampal Excitatory Neurotransmission, J. Med. Chem. 1991, 34, 1692.

Peterson, N.L.; Kroona, H.B.; Johnson, R.L.; Koerner, J.F. Inhibition of Hippocampal Pathways by Cyclopropyl Analogs of 2-amino-4-phosphonobutanoic Acid (AP4)Abstract, Society for Neuroscience, 1990 Annual Meeting, Oct 28-Nov.2 1990.

Kroona, H.B.; Peterson, N.L.; Koerner, J.F.; Johnson, R.L. Synthesis of Cyclopropyl analogs of 2-amino-4-phosphonobutanoic Acid Abstract 11, Division of Medicinal Chemistry, 198th American Chemical Society (ACS) Meeting, Sept 10-15, 1989.