Consumer Products

At Merchant & Gould, we recognize the value of trademarks and brand management in today's global economy. Consistently recognized as a top filer of trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), M&G has particular experience with enforcing and defending trademark and trade dress rights. Our intellectual property lawyers prosecute and defend a variety of trademark infringement, unfair competition and counterfeiting actions in federal courts and before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and the International Trade Commission.

  • Search and availability clearance opinions
  • Prosecution and maintenance and worldwide registration programs
  • Trademark protection: enforcement, litigation and opposition and cancellation actions before the TTAB
  • Complimentary U.S. Watch Service
  • Licensing, transfer of rights and acquisition deals
  • Due Diligence and Audits of IP Portfolios
  • Sponsors and licensee relationship agreements
  • Trade dress, product shapes and packaging
  • Advertising, labeling and promotional statement clearance
  • Sweepstakes, contests and games of skill
  • Environmental statements
  • False advertising and unfair competition
  • Better Business Bureau National Advertising Division (NAD)
  • Children’s Advertising Review Unit of the Better Business Bureau (CARU)
  • ICANN domain name proceedings
  • Customs

 Merchant & Gould represents consumer goods and services clients such as:

  • Food and beverage
  • Luxury goods, apparel and other designer goods
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Consumer retail
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Cosmetics and cleaning goods
  • Medical goods
  • Vehicles, boats, industrial vehicles and sporting vehicles
  • Tools and machinery
  • Entertainment and education
  • Pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements
  • Toys and sporting goods
  • Beverages, wine, beer and spirits
  • Housewares, furniture, filtration products and building materials
  • Electrical and electronics goods
  • Telecommunications energy and utilities
  • Airline and other transportation services

Merchant & Gould’s attorneys provide superior counseling to clients and effective representation in all matters affecting trademarks, brands and related intellectual property rights.