The Manufacturing Practice Group at Merchant & Gould covers a wide range of technical disciplines as we counsel a variety of clients making all kinds of products. Our firm has been devoted solely to the practice of intellectual property law for over 115 years. As such, the heart of our practice is innovation. And before becoming attorneys, many of us were inventors, engineers and scientists. As a result, we genuinely understand the passion our clients have for their creations, and we make a point to actively partner with them to best understand, build and implement strategies that provide both a strong intellectual property portfolio and bottom-line business value.

Whether we are advising on IP matters related to drug manufacturing from bulk manufacturing to final formulation, large scale production of biofuel, specialized machining of firearm components, semiconductor fabrication, manufacture of packaging and composite materials, production of dental appliances and other medical devices, or anything in between, our attorneys offer significant depth and experience both in terms of legal experience and prior work experience in a number of major manufacturing industries.

We at Merchant & Gould recognize that high quality lawyering and long term client relationships are critical to the success of our firm and the longevity of our well-established name. By aligning ourselves with our clients’ interests, and providing a combination of legal and technical knowledge and experience associated with the manufacturing industry, we are uniquely positioned to be a valued member of every client’s team in this field.