James Beard and Joe Dubis Named Litigation Paralegal Co-Supervisors

January 19, 2022

Merchant & Gould is pleased to announce that James W. Beard, a Denver partner, and Joe Dubis, a Minneapolis associate, have been named Litigation Paralegal Co-Supervisors, effective Jan. 1, 2022. They replace Will Schultz who served as Supervisor for more than five years. 

James and Joe will manage the firm’s Litigation Paralegals across Merchant & Gould’s seven offices and oversee their work on depositions, witness preparation, exhibits, court preparation and research, as well as reviewing docketing and case file management procedures.  They will also coordinate communication with and development of the group, helping the team as it implements new technologies.  With more than 50 litigators and litigation support team members, the firm’s Litigation Practice Group has extensive IP trial and litigation experience.  

“In their co-supervisor roles, James and Joe combine their litigation knowledge with their attention to detail and management skills to supervise this very important paralegal team with the Litigation Practice Group. Together, they bring their leadership and insight to the team,” said Christopher J. Leonard, Managing Director and CEO of Merchant & Gould.

While his practice involves all facets of intellectual property law, James focuses on patent, copyright, and trademark and trade dress litigation for clients from a diverse range of industries. He works in all stages of litigation, from general advice and counseling to complex discovery, trials and appeals.

Joe practices all areas of intellectual property litigation proceedings including patent, copyright, and trademark litigation; appellate work; and post grant proceedings. Joseph’s motivation to become a lawyer was partly to help bridge the gap between inventors, scientists, and developers and the intellectual property protection they deserve. Since beginning as a litigation associate, Joe has developed extensive skills in the field of copyright disgorgement remedies.

Congratulations, James and Joe!