Merchant & Gould Launches Business Consulting Group,  Advising Clients across Industries on Risk Mitigation and Protection

Responds to business and legal issues regarding third-party copying and infringement
June 06, 2022

Merchant & Gould has formalized the launch of a business consulting group, the M&G Integrator™ Program, offering product and service companies a new way to protect their brands in the fast-paced online marketplace. The group’s business-minded approach merges Merchant & Gould’s deep-rooted IP strategies with its proprietary, patent-pending InnovaShield Brand Protection Index for a new way of practicing this type of IP law, expanding the firm’s capabilities at a critical time when third-party infringement is increasing rapidly and companies are eager to mitigate risk.

The M&G Integrator Program complements the firm’s Internet Cybersecurity & E-Commerce (ICE) Practice; serves clients in every industry; and balances timely business strategies with a critical legal lens. As a global law firm that has focused on intellectual property and technology law for more than 120 years, Merchant & Gould has deep experience that cuts across all technology fields. Merchant & Gould is uniquely structured and experienced to pioneer this solution and risk-assessing index within the industry.

“We are in a global economy with infringement issues that have always been there; but that have recently been exposed by the pandemic’s accelerated reliance on online marketplaces and by the rapid growth of Web3, including blockchain technology, NFTs, and the metaverse platform.  More than ever, it’s time to deal with these issues, assess risk, and understand what can be done,” said William D. Schultz, partner in Merchant & Gould’s Minneapolis office and leader of the M&G Integrator Program.

Using Merchant & Gould’s patent-pending InnovaShield Brand Protection Index, the M&G Integrator Program quantifies a company’s risk and creates a strategic roadmap to address that risk. Visual analyses and reports establish a customized plan that addresses and helps overcome specific risks in the most cost-effective, efficient and consumer-driven manner.  The ultimate goal is to give clients the broadest coverage of protection for their brands and, most importantly, for their consumer customers.

“Risk impacts businesses in many ways: in the products and services you develop; business partners you choose; and the distribution channels you use. We become part of a client’s team, bridging the gap between research and development, marketing, management, distribution and legal counsel, to help identify and mitigate the impact of risk in every way,” added Schultz, who is also the co-inventor of Merchant & Gould’s patent-pending InnovaShield Brand Protection Index, as well as personal Web3 patents that relate to smart contract-verification software in the NFT space and digital-story collaboration. “While no risk can be eliminated completely, it can be improved with a tailored and strategic approach from a team who deeply understands the complexity – and who knows how to  shield innovation from third-party infringers aiming to steal a company’s investments.”

Merchant & Gould’s specialized Minneapolis team will steer the M&G Integrator Program, while working with attorneys across the firm’s seven offices and tapping into the firm’s unique mix of IP, online and business experience. 


About InnovaShield Brand Protection Index

The InnovaShield Brand Protection Index is calculated, based on the following effective equation: 

InnovaShield Brand Protection Index = Area of Projection Risk.

Coverage comes from four factor areas: 1) intellectual property protection; 2) enforcement; 3) policies and programs; and 4) strategic coordination.  Similarly, risk depends on what, where, why, and how a company is selling or offering its products or services. Merchant & Gould’s proprietary algorithm drives the inquiry, analysis and diagnosis.

  • Question driven
  • Accessible user interface
  • Patent-pending software
  • Deep industry experience
  • Customized report
  • Tangible recommendations
  • Trajectory hypotheticals