Andrew J. Nemecek

150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
D: 612.336.4631
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Andrew is a patent prosecution attorney at Merchant and Gould in Minneapolis. Dedicated to helping clients protect their technologies, Andrew’s practice covers every step of the patent application process.

Skilled at Patent Strategies 

Andrew’s primary goal is to find the best way forward for each client to secure patent protection. He focuses his efforts on formulating custom-tailored solutions for clients, primarily in the fields of electrical engineering and software. 

As a skilled strategist, Andrew creates efficient processes to ensure the highest likelihood of success for clients. Each day is different for a patent attorney, from learning about new technology to communicating with the USPTO. Andrew uses his keen eye for detail and his analytical mindset to ensure that all the correct steps are taken to secure protection. 

During the complex process of securing patents, Andrew strategizes the best way to help clients obtain the most coverage for their technologies. He takes an individualistic approach to help each inventor develop a comprehensive patent portfolio from their ideas. 

Passionate About Innovative Technology

Andrew began his professional journey by earning his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. When delving into the world of coding and software, he discovered he loved to learn about the many facets of new technology.

During an internship, Andrew learned how the invention of new technology inspires the creation of patents. Fascinated by the patent aspect of innovations, Andrew went on to earn his Juris Doctor at the University of Notre Dame, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Andrew loves the ever-evolving field of technology. His scientific background, legal knowledge and desire to learn are driving forces in his work. He dedicates himself to knowing the detailed intricacies and unique features of each client’s technological innovations.

By understanding the full scope of an invention, Andrew’s helps clients determine which specific aspects of their inventions are patentable. He also focuses on staying abreast of the law to provide the most accurate representation for his clients.

A Dedicated Collaborator

Each day, Andrew works on a variety of projects to protect the technologies of clients. His ability to hone in on details and while synthesizing the bigger picture allows him to be a resourceful collaborator.

Andrew focuses on going above and beyond for each client and being an essential asset to the legal team. His goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for clients, which requires a team-player mindset. By exploring all the angles, Andrew’s able to bring creative strategies to the table and support the team as a whole.

When he’s not practicing patent prosecution, Andrew loves to get outdoors and embrace the many seasons of his Minnesota home. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, playing basketball and supporting the many sports of Notre Dame.


University of Notre Dame Law School
Dean's Circle Fellow, Honor Roll

University of Notre Dame
B.S., Computer Engineering, magna cum laude