Ariel O. Howe

150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
D: 612-336-4792


Ariel Howe is an Associate Attorney at Merchant & Gould’s Minneapolis office. Ariel helps companies protect their intellectual property through strategic, proactive support and litigation. Her practice includes patents (utility and design), trademark, trade secret and copyright litigation, as well as pre-litigation support.

Experienced in IP Litigation & Pre-Litigation Support

Ariel is passionate about helping creatives and their companies protect their intellectual property. Much of her work focuses on protecting their patented, trademarked, and copyrighted goods, preventing litigation where possible, and preparing for and engaging in IP litigation.

Before pursuing expensive litigation, Ariel ensures that every effort is made to resolve infringement issues. By focusing on cost-effective strategies to secure their intellectual property, Ariel helps many clients avoid unnecessary litigation.

Ariel is dedicated to being an advocate for her clients. She knows it’s important for clients to have someone they can trust. She learns everything she can about their technology and focuses on providing consistent, relatable communication. 

Ariel’s committed to providing clients with trustworthy recommendations so they can achieve a satisfactory outcome. 

Supporting Clients in a Wide Range of Industries

For years, Ariel has been protecting intellectual property in a wide range of industries. Many of her efforts have supported the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. However, she has enforced and defended IP in many other niches both big and small, from HVAC and farm equipment to lighting devices.

Ariel loves learning about her clients’ innovative products and technologies. Her enthusiastic interest and fearless ability to dive into any subject matter allow her to work effectively with all sorts of patents. Ariel studies each client’s technology extensively and is devoted to knowing every pertinent detail.

Ariel is highly proficient in how businesses operate and function. Prior to working at Merchant & Gould, she was a pharmaceutical chemist and project manager. She collaborated with multiple departments, interpreted customer needs and improved company workflow. 

As a result, Ariel is well-versed in the structures and needs of businesses. Coupled with her legal experience, she is able to help innovators and companies grow their businesses with cost-efficient IP strategies.

Ariel earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree from Minnesota State University in 2006, with a minor in mathematics. During this time she extensively studied quantum mechanical theory, working alongside a professor on the mathematical modeling of space.

In 2014 she graduated magna cum laude from the William Mitchell College of Law with her Juris Doctor degree. She was also recognized as a North Star Lawyer for her pro bono work.

In her spare time, Ariel loves to bike around the many bike paths within the Twin Cities and visit their breweries. She practices poi fire, a performance art that spins fire-lit wicks around the body. Ariel is also an avid camper and hiker.