Jeff Abbott

Manager of Docketing, Client Records, and Annuities
150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
D: 612.336.4646

Jeff Abbott leads Merchant & Gould’s Docketing, Client Records and Annuities departments. Based in Minneapolis, it is Jeff who leads the way in determining how the firm manages its files. After working with the firm in multiple contractor capacities for several years, Jeff agreed to join the team as manager in 2015.

Paperwork—The Firm’s Lifeblood? Absolutely!

For anyone in the intellectual property industry, you know that every step taken, every patent filed, and every case pursued depends upon the accurate tracking of information—especially dates. So it’s no stretch to say that the Docketing, Client Records and Annuities departments are at the heart of what makes Merchant & Gould a successful firm.

From file open through to closing, everything runs through Jeff’s departments, and Jeff doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. Indeed, he thrives on creating processes the ensure the careful documentation of all necessary information. He consistently keeps his finger on the pulse of each department, reviewing processes and making updates with his team to more efficiently serve the firm and its attorneys. 

Ready for the Tough Questions

For Jeff, one of the best parts of his role with the firm is the investigative part. It’s working through challenges—from everything such as issues with the USPTO to questions about the way in which his departments handle certain records—that gets him fired up and keeps him engaged. Even when Jeff doesn’t have the answers, his depth of experience in this field and his time working the firm ensures he knows the team to go to for the right answers.

Order, Clarity & Responsibility

Prior to working with Merchant & Gould, and even before that working as with vendors that served the firm, Jeff was a Marine. He spent four years serving this country before making the switch to civilian life. The foundations he learned through his time with Marines carry through to how he runs his departments, manages people, and approaches each new challenge. It’s the clarity that he can offer, the order that he can bring, and his deep sense of responsibility that make him a go-to force within the firm.

Jeff is also a true-blue Minnesotan, who loves to hunt in the fall, snowmobile in the winter, and fish the rest of the year.

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