Jonathan D. Kuehner

Technical Advisor
150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2200
Minneapolis, MN 55402
D: 612.336.4746
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Jonathan Kuehner is a Technical Advisor at Merchant and Gould. Jonathan’s keen eye for detail helps ensure the accuracy of all written materials for patent applications. His expertise is essential to developing patents for clients and ensuring accurate reporting.

Dedicated to Clear, Practical Language & Communication

Jonathan helps ensure the accuracy and timeliness of patent preparation and prosecution. His technical writing background and analytical skills allow him to translate complex, industry-specific language into understandable and tangible messaging. 

In addition to patent preparation, Jonathan serves clients and legal teams by:

  • Developing and writing persuasive arguments in response to office actions
  • Analyzing prior art and USPTO office actions
  • Providing clear and concise written and oral communication with clients
  • Drafting patent applications
  • Providing support for opinion work

Jonathan is passionate about communicating intricate ideas and data in a meaningful format. By taking abstract concepts and translating them into concrete language, Jonathan empowers others to expand their ideas exponentially. 

Jonathan’s ultimate goal is to support others in their endeavors. He focuses on helping clients grow by translating the right information to the right people with precision and clarity. His love of written communication and helping others prosper makes his role as a technical advisor a perfect fit. 

Highly Skilled in Translating Detailed Subject Matter

Jonathan attended Luther College and has his Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience, with minors in English Writing, Biology and Theater. During his college years, Jonathan taught others how to deliver their ideas in a clear and concise manner.

At Luther’s Writing Center, he tutored students and helped them develop their writing skills, including style, rhetoric, grammar and mechanics. He was also a staff writer for Luther’s student news site, CHIPS, where he generated leads, conducted interviews and wrote and edited articles.

Jonathan holds himself to a high standard in every venture he takes. From his career to his hobbies, he strives to learn each detail thoroughly and to be successful at every step. He’s also committed to serving others, aiming to provide high-quality assistance wherever he’s needed. 

In 2016 he earned the Eagle Scout Award, the highest award of the Boy Scouts of America. In his spare time, Jonathan bartends, cooks and goes fishing. He loves to read science fiction rooted in scientific reality and to research subject matter that captivates him intellectually. 

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