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Minneapolis, MN 55402
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Kevin R. Swanson is an experienced Patent Agent with Merchant & Gould’s Minneapolis office. Kevin focuses his practice on patent writing and the prosecution process, helping inventors protect their critical intellectual property.

From Engineering to Patent Writing & Prosecution

Kevin started his career in engineering by obtaining a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree in 1981. With 14 years of engineering experience under his belt, Kevin has worked for heavy-hitters in the industry, including the Harris Corporation and GE/Interlogix at senior engineering levels.

Throughout his time as an engineer, Kevin developed many products, including those for military applications, fire and security applications and telecommunications. Some of his most notable projects include the design and development of integrated circuits for high performance military applications, an application-specific integrated circuit for a fire and security panel, a touchpad and a cellular radio module.

Kevin has also managed prototype and production run testing, developed customer needs into product proposals, assisted engineering with cost estimations, and supported marketing in developing a strategic marketing plan.

Experienced Patent Agent With a History of Success

Kevin obtained his law degree in 1994 and was admitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office the same year. Since then, he has written approximately 300 patents and has prosecuted approximately 900 patents on behalf of companies and sole inventors.

Kevin has extensive experience with US, PCT and foreign applications, including appeals to the US Patent Trial and Appeal Board. He now supports inventors within Merchant & Gould’s electrical group. His primary areas of practice include:

  • Electronics
  • Semiconductors
  • Electro-mechanical
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Telecommunications
  • Biomedical

Understanding the importance of protecting innovative products, Kevin dedicates his time to patent drafting, prosecution and the law.

Dedicated to Helping Inventors Obtain Optimal Invention Protection

In this industry, technical expertise matters just as much as legal know-how. Kevin delivers both. He’s dedicated to helping you protect your critical property, no matter how detailed the design.

First, as a successful engineer, Kevin gained the industry knowledge required to support you with the most technical of patents. As your patent agent, he digs deep into the details of your invention to determine what sets it apart from your competition.

After a thorough analysis, Kevin develops a patent application that protects your intellectual property. He then works with the USPTO on your behalf to secure your patent and file any appeals, if necessary.

When you require a legal partner in intellectual property protection, you can trust Kevin to support you.


Mitchell Hamline School of Law

New York University
     MBA, Master of Business Administration

University of Minnesota
      B.E.E., Electrical Engineering



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