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Sophia Vogeler is a patent attorney at Merchant and Gould, focusing on patent prosecution and litigation. She works with a wide range of organizations in life sciences, mechanical industries, and electrical industries. Sophia is committed to helping clients protect their critical IP by providing them with clear guidance and quality recommendations.

Dedicated to Strengthening a Company’s Future

Sophia knows that patent protection is part of a powerful business strategy. Not only is having your intellectual property protected an effective marketing tool, it also helps companies exclude others from the marketplace and differentiate themselves from competitors that don’t have protection on their IP. That’s why Sophia strives to provide clients with the most efficient strategies to safeguard their assets and help them remain competitive in the marketplace.

Before formulating a patent strategy, it’s essential for clients to know their options and the appropriate steps to take. Sophia learns about each client’s unique innovations, ideas, and long-term objectives. After meeting with clients, she conducts in-depth research to identify already-existing patents. This enables her clients to avoid infringement and determine how to design around existing solutions.

Sophia performs many tasks to provide her clients with the best path forward. Her duties include responding to office actions, communicating with the USPTO, conducting patentability searches, and drafting patent applications. All of her efforts focus on crafting a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of a client’s innovation and strengthens their business future.

A Devoted Client Advocate

Sophia’s passionate about the unique inventions of her clients and helping them achieve their goals. She believes a personable approach is essential to give clients the best possible experience. That’s why Sophia treats each client with exceptional care from the very beginning, making sure they feel heard and valued.

With Sophia, clients know they have a strong advocate by their side. She ensures that each client receives consistent attention and communication, taking the time to understand their unique situation. By learning their specific business goals and the details of their inventions, Sophia’s able to provide a personable experience and highly customized strategies for each client.

From Scientist to Patent Attorney

In high school, Sophia discovered two deep fascinations: patent law and science. This inspired her to pursue her scientific undergraduate degree, with the overall goal of becoming a patent attorney. She attended the University of Iowa and earned her Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, with a chemistry minor, and a certificate in writing.

Sophia is uniquely positioned to empower her clients due to her combined scientific and legal experience. Before becoming an attorney, Sophia worked as an independent research assistant in a biochemistry laboratory. In this role, she experienced the research, testing, and development side of scientific projects. This enhanced her ability to identify, analyze, and synthesize details while she honed her thorough research skills.

Sophia’s strong background in science allows her to understand the complex intricacies of her clients’ innovations. She finds the right resources and uncovers answers for her clients.

Before coming to Merchant and Gould, Sophia worked as a law clerk, where she gained extensive experience in patent law prior to becoming an attorney. She earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota Law school, where she graduated cum laude. Sophia finds the realm of patent law extremely rewarding, thriving on the excitement of her clients as they move toward achieving their goals.

Sophia is originally from Iowa and now resides in Minnesota. In her spare time, she loves to travel and read books. Sophia also lives an active lifestyle, often enjoying the many beautiful hiking spots and walking trails of Minnesota.


University of Minnesota Law School
J.D., cum laude, Intellectual Property and Technology Concentration, May 2022

The University of Iowa
B.S., Biochemistry, Chemistry Minor, & Certificate in Writing, May 2019
University Honors & Honors in Biochemistry



Awards & Recognition

Book Award in Food and Drug Law
Book Award in Patent Remedies
H.G. Khorana Scholar Biochemistry Award 2019
Rex Montgomery Biochemistry Award 2017

Professional Affiliations

Minnesota Women Lawyers

Publications & Speaking


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