William N. Hughet

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Bill is a seasoned intellectual property attorney in Washington, D.C., focusing on software and hardware-based systems. Since 1999, he has fostered a strong relationship with each of his clients to understand their products, aspirations, and concerns to best facilitate achieving their goals. Bill seamlessly applies his extensive knowledge of intellectual property law and his background in computer-implemented processes and hardware to guide his clients through the patent application and utilization processes.

Serving the Designer, Developer and Provider

Bill works with hardware designers, software developers and network providers who must navigate the patent application and protection processes to safeguard their inventive property. With years of diverse experience working directly with the evolving field of patent-eligible subject matter, Bill understands patent eligibility and patent challenges, no matter the forum/how it is challenged.

Working with examiners, he overcomes patent rejections by bringing cases to a shortened end. If progress is not being made on a case, he presses on, working with the PTAB directly to overcome any and all rejections and objections. He provides dedicated time to discuss the nature of your business, the protection you require and the guidance you need to monetize your intellectual property.

Responsive, First-Name-Based Service

Bill believes in the importance of timely and clear communication. Your concerns, fears and frustrations can be heightened due to the nature of this business. Bill is responsive and genuine, responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner and operating on a first-name basis.

As your counselor, he focuses on helping you protect your technology, business and dreams. Keeping you educated, he gives you the power to make informed decisions about how to best move forward to meet your business objectives.

First-Hand Experience With the Patent Process

Prior to becoming an attorney, Bill was intimately involved in the management of a national computer data center, operating in a 24/7 environment. Later, graduating from the University of Iowa with his J.D., Bill soon found himself moving into the intellectual property field by working as a patent examiner in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. During a time of skepticism over software and computer-based processes, he spent time reviewing U.S. patent applications directed to these fields as a member of the first art unit dedicated to these processes.

From Bill’s first-hand experience, he possesses an in-depth understanding of the patent process and a positive relationship with patent examiners in the field. As a client, you gain first-hand field experience to further your patent applications and protect your inventions.


University of Iowa Law School

Iowa State University
B.S. Computer Science