Our values define us as a people and as a firm

Values and Principles

For over 115 years, Merchant & Gould attorneys have been helping to develop, protect and maximize IP assets for innovators at the leading edge of technology in the United States and around the globe. In many ways, we have been leaders ourselves. Offering our leadership to you, we are guided by these principles:

  • A commitment to excellence and integrity in all our relationships — with clients, colleagues, staff and service providers alike.
  • A dedication to achieving innovative solutions throughout the full range of our intellectual property practice.
  • A responsibility to give back to our communities.
Abraham Lincoln once said, "The patent system provides the fuel of incentive to the fire of genius."

As always, technology is fueling the practice of law. Obtaining patents and enforcing them remains the driver behind benefiting from technology in the new economy. The first person to invent something, describe it in a patent and properly protect it gets a 20-year exclusive right that ideally pays back the research and development dollars spent to discover, create and market the invention — with profit to spare.

Innovation is an extraordinarily valuable asset. Creative intellectual property law strategy that identifies innovative solutions and adds value to business and society is at the heart of what we offered clients a century ago and what our lawyers will continue to provide in the future.

That is the fundamental notion behind M&G's intellectual property practice and it will be the same as the firm counsels and represents its clients in the decades ahead.

Firm Philosophy

  • Clients first
  • Firm second
  • Individuals third



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