Internet, Cybersecurity & E-Commerce

Merchant’s Internet, Cybersecurity & E-Commerce (ICE) Practice Group is composed of a team of attorneys, litigators, and business professionals who have diverse experience working on trademark, copyright, patent, and trade secret matters, but who also understand business, marketing, and information technology. This innovative practice group includes members that have advanced technical degrees and extensive experience and training in the ever-evolving field of the Internet, including online brand protection, e-commerce concerns, anti-counterfeiting, domain name management, keyword advertising, social media, cybersecurity, and data privacy.

With diverse backgrounds and education, Merchant’s ICE team can identify potential concerns for your business and work with you to prevent those concerns from becoming real issues.  Our team also conquers Internet disputes as they arise.  Merchant’s ICE practice group is dedicated to finding a cohesive solution for managing your online presence.

Education and industry experience enables our team to have an insightful understanding of issues involved in each case and effectively interact with clients, inventors, and expert witnesses alike.  We also work with world-class vendors who provide critical information for rapid-paced Internet issues.

Our attorneys are first and foremost, superior legal counselors.  Our attorneys use their technical knowledge as a means to further the end of providing our clients with sound legal advice.  Our attorneys have a deep understanding of the relevant law from years of experience, a constant following of development in law, and frequent interactions with other Merchant attorneys.  We have extensive experience assessing risks to help our clients make prudent business decisions.

From Individual Inventors to Fortune 500 Companies

Headquartered in Minneapolis, M&G has six offices across the United States and provides superior value based on our experience. In addition, we provide convenient representation across the United States and in all time zones.

For over 115 years, our intellectual property lawyers have represented individual inventors, emerging regional businesses and Fortune 500 companies located in the U.S. and worldwide.

Areas of focus we provide to inventors and companies engaged in innovative endeavors regarding the Internet, e-commerce, cybersecurity, and data privacy include, but are not limited to:

  • Anti-counterfeiting and online brand protection
  • Internet of Things counseling
  • Cyber-security counseling
  • Data privacy counseling
  • Domain name acquisitions, management, and enforcement
  • UDRP (Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy) proceedings
  • Online marketplace and website enforcement
  • Social media counseling and enforcement
  • Keyword advertising and advertising claims
  • Website terms of use and privacy terms
  • Due Diligence
  • Copyright management, prosecution, and enforcement
  • DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) enforcement

Collectively, our attorneys and professionals put decades of experience within each client's reach. Merchant & Gould is in the top tier of intellectual property law firms nationwide providing intellectual property services for clients whose products or services are advertised, promoted, or sold on the Internet.